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a jQuery plugin

How StickUp Works

A simple plugin that "sticks" elements to the top of the browser window while scrolling past it. For better experience it optionally offers autohide with reappearence after scrolling up.

Please Visit the GitHub Page for installation instructions.

Updated version

This version contains a major code cleanup with several improvements

Configuration options


When ticked stickUp will keep the element hidden when scrolling past it but show it immediatly when scrolling up again (like adressbar in Chrome for Android). This feature allows better screen space usage while offering the sleek UI shortcut of standard sticking behavoiur.
Only works with elements smaller than viewport.

default: true
options: integer

Similar to scrollHide but not hiding element. It rather adds the set value while scrolling up. Good for streamlining appearance and avoid overlapping when introducing multiple sticky elements with one autoHiding at top.

default: 0
options: integer

option to control margin of sticked element

default: 'auto'
options: 'auto', number, '10px'

disableOn (>2.2.0)
Option to disable scrollUp if passed function returns false

default: 'function(){return true}'
options: function
    if( $(window).width() < 768 )
        return false;
    return true;

namespaceClass (>2.3.0)
option to control set the class which is added to the main element to which stickUp is applied

default: 'stuckElement'
options: string

fixedClass (>2.3.0)
option to set the class which is added to the main element to which stickUp is applied when in fixed state

default: 'isStuck'
options: string

option to control wether the sticked element is caught in a wrapping container

default: false
options: boolean

selector of container to hold the sticky element
(only in conjunction with keepInWrapper)

default: '' // uses first parent if empty
options: 'selector'

forces stickUp to synchronize left position
(use if positioning needed for example with margin auto)

default: false
options: boolean

WANTED: Contribution

Events / API / Architecture

The original (v1) implementation can be found at [LiranCohen repository](

stickUp2 is a substantial rebuild and published under MIT